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Background information
Feature films Anastasia
Television programs
Video games Anastasia Adventures with Pooka and Bartok
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Bernadette Peters
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality kind, serious, funny
Appearance plump, blonde hair, blue eyes
Occupation Marie's lady in waiting, Vladimir's girlfriend
Affiliations Good
Goal To serve the Dowager Empress
Home Paris, France
Relatives Marie Feodorovna (cousin), Anastasia (cousin twice removed)
Allies Anastasia, Dmitri, Vladimir, Marie Feodorovna, Pooka
Minions servants
Enemies Grigori Rasputin
Likes Vladimir, the russian ballet, dancing
Dislikes Anastasia impostors, the dowager empress being upset and angry
Powers and abilities
Fate She reads the goodbye letter and says it's a perfect ending.
Quote "The dowager empress and I love the Russian ballet. We never miss it!"

Sophie is the supporting character in Anastasia.


Sophie, despite being a cousin to a royalty makes her a royalty indeed. She had a fun loving side, and throughout the movie she shown to have a major crush on Vladimir. She was a little chubby, although love shopping like the rest of the female characters. Although sometimes she was a little snobbish and clumsy, she was an adorable character for the movie.

Role in FilmEdit

Sophie is Dowager Empress Marie's lady in waiting and her first cousin and resides in Paris. She is also a love interest for Vladimir.

During Sophie's introduction, it is revealed that she screens all the young women who claim to be Anastasia, using by quizzing them intensively on information that only the true Anastasia should know. Despite encountering numerous imposters, Sophie remains optimistic that Marie and Anastasia will someday be reunited. However, after a years of meeting with false claimants, the Dowager Empress refuses to suffer through any more heartache and will not meet with any more young women claiming to be her lost granddaughter.

When Anya, Dimitri, and Vladimir arrive at Sophie's townhouse in Paris, Sophie welcomes them into her home and is particularly delighted to see Vlad, who is an old flame. At their request, she screens Anya and concludes her examination with an unexpected question: she asks Anya how she did she escape from the palace during the night of the siege. Because neither he nor Vlad had prepared Anya for the question, Dimitri believes that their scheme has fallen apart; however, Anya instinctively provides an answer that reveals to Dimitri that Anya is the true Anastasia.

Though Sophie admits that Anya was able to correctly and successfully answer all her questions, she reveals that the Dowager Empress is refusing to see anyone claiming to be Anastasia. Sophie only relents as a favour to Vlad, revealing that she and the Dowager Empress will be attending the Russian Ballet at the Paris Opera House that evening, thus providing them with an opening to see Marie. Sophie goes on to take them shopping on Paris ("Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart").

At the Paris Opera House, Sophie allows Dimitri to enter the Empress's private box, but Marie stubbornly refuses to see him. Seeing the Empress will not change her mind, Sophie attempts have Dimitri quietly leave to prevent any trouble, but Dimitri becomes too insistent and he is thrown out, much to Sophie's distress.

Sophie later appears with a maid helping Anastasia dress up for a ball after Anastasia and Marie are reunited. Sophie's final appearance in the film occurs after she and Marie find Anastasia's letter to her grandmother, revealing that she has chosen to elope with Dimitri, which Sophie proclaims is "the perfect ending."