The casting in Anastasia is by Brian Chavanne.

Main CharactersEdit

Anastasia - Meg Ryan (speaking voice), Liz Callaway (singing voice)

Dimitri - John Cusack

Vladmir - Kelsey Grammer

Rasputin - Christopher Lloyd

Bartok - Hank Azaria

Sophie - Bernadette Peters

Minor CharactersEdit

Young Anastasia - Kirsten Dunst

The Dowager Empress Marie - Angela Lansbury

Czar Nicholas - Rick Jones

Servant - Rick Jones

Revolutionary Soldier - Rick Jones

Ticket Agent - Rick Jones

Phlegmenkoff - Andrea Martin

Old Woman - Andrea Martin

Young Dimitri - Glen Walker Harris Jr.

Actress - Debra Mooney

Traveling Man - Arthur Malet

Major Domo - Arthur Malet

Anastasia Imposter - Charity James

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